Welcome to 1995

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A blog? What is this—1995?

Despite being a lover of all things technology-related, I have not embraced social media. Sure, I have all of the requisite Big Social accounts and I’m competent enough to use them. But I have always been hesitant to share much on very public forums.

Here’s the thing though—I am a secret writer of unfinished works. When I go on holiday, I write a few journal entries to myself. I have drafted op-eds related to work. I have written about mountain bike related subjects. Recently, I have been documenting my journey of learning to fly an airplane. Most of these have ended up in the same sad abandoned state on some hard drive. I don’t regret writing them. Writing has served its purpose as a relaxing leisure activity or as an outlet to vent and then delete. But I want to finish some of this stuff and publishing seems like the motivator to do it.

So what’s this blog going to be about anyway? Well, I am going to ignore advice to have a singular focus. While I am far too private of a person to bore you with the mundane details of what I had for breakfast and the like (you’re welcome), I expect that my posts will fall under the following broad categories (in no particular order):

  • Business, Marketing, and the Energy Industry1
  • Mountain Biking and Road Cycling
  • Aviation (my newest hobby)

1995, here I come.

1 A note on my employer: While I have been a proud employee of Chevron for the past nine years, this is my personal web site and the opinions expressed here are my own. While I may cover some ground related to the energy industry and fuel pricing because I have formed opinions in my professional career, I will likely not speak on behalf of the company here. If I do, I will state so explicitly.