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Argentina Vacation — Part Two

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Iguazu Falls

The trip to Iguazu was easy. Cab ride to the airport, a dingy LAN Airlines check-in area at the domestic and much more convenient Aeroparque airport, sit in a gleamingly-new departure lounge, short flight, and arrive to a jungle sea of green.

We stayed at the Sheraton, the only hotel in the park proper, figuring we could maximize our time exploring. The location is undeniably nice but the hotel itself is pretty meh. They’ve got you cornered and they’re full so there’s not much attempt to impress. But whatever, we’re not here for the hotel.

We didn’t have much intel to go on as the concierge gave us a map and had little else to offer in way of advice (see above lack of attempt to impress) and our guidebook was short on details but we walked the lower and upper loop paths on day one, and then took the little tourist train out to the Devil’s Throat viewpoint and did the truck ride/naturalist tour/boat ride on day two. I think we guessed at a pretty good sequence but there’s really no wrong way to do it.


Typical poor view of the falls

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Argentina Vacation — Part One

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This is a bit of a note to self on our 2015 trip to Argentina.

The Trip Down

As always, a trip on a US airline (American in this case) is a good reminder that while whinging about Air Canada is good sport, it is actually one of the world’s most okay-ish airlines. When you really want to see people who hate their jobs, the US airlines take the cake. Despite this, I was pleased to fly in the new Boeing Dreamliner and the trip down was uneventful, which is to say, pretty good. Arrived 30 minutes early too.

Airports are an interesting first impression to a country and Buenos Aires’ Ezeiza is no exception. A modern affair right into the customs hall where we had a solid hour to ponder a government propaganda reel on flat screens. Once at the immigration desk, everybody gets their picture and a thumbprint taken. No questions asked. There are few things more frustrating than a slow queue for no apparent reason but no matter, we get through immigration and the bags still haven’t arrived. The airport instantly changes into a more third world affair, cramped and a layer of grit everywhere. We collect the bags and join a large queue that leads to the customs and X-ray hall. Upon rounding the corner there is a large empty corral obviously meant to tame a queue from filling the baggage hall and having everyone trip over each other. Best of intentions I guess. A scan of our bags is quick and we grab a cab. We struggle to communicate with the driver (our Spanish sucks) but he is friendly and tries to give us restaurant advice as we near our hotel.

Buenos Aires Part One

We bookended the trip with two days in Buenos Aires up front and four days on the end. So a quick intro now and we will have a bit more time to explore on our return.

Rose Garden

The Rose Garden at Tres de Febrero Park

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