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Last Bastion of the Fax Machine: The Canadian Medical System (Also: An Aviation Medical in Seven Months)

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If you read about the process of learning to fly, you’re bound to come across advice to get your aviation medical examination early. I thought I was doing it right; I scheduled my medical as soon as I decided to pursue the license and as a healthy, athletically active person I thought it would be simple. Little did I know.

I don’t feel like publishing my medical history on the Internet—that just seems weird to me—but I’m happy to report that I now hold a Transport Canada medical and am fit to fly airplanes. To get it took approximately seven months, most of it waiting for the medically competent, taxpayer funded, but glacially paced Canadian medical system. Waiting for an appointment with a specialist; waiting to get an appointment for tests; waiting for doctors to interpret results; and waiting for administrative staff to fax documents.

Wait, faxing? Permit me a bit of a rant here.

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