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Where? Here? (License to Learn Experience #5317)

By April 10, 2017Aviation

Chalk up another learning experience on the PPL “License to Learn”.  I was approaching my home airport yesterday for landing. The frequency was quiet and the controller decided to school me a bit on my poor check-in.

Me: “Tower, good evening. Cessna 172 GABC overhead Bridges checkpoint 2500′ with information India”

Tower: “GABC, Tower, Roger”

An odd response but I figure he’s radar identifying me and will give me circuit/runway instructions in a few seconds. I continue inbound but realize my error in not requesting explicit landing instructions since no clearance seems forthcoming nor any “say intentions” request from the controller.

Me: “Tower, GABC requests a full stop landing”

Tower: “Where? Here?”


Me: “Affirmative, GABC”

Tower: That’s good information to know. Cleared to a left hand circuit runway 24; report downwind.

Or put another way—check in properly, bud.