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The Decidedly Unsexy Side of Aviation

By January 5, 2017Aviation

A beautiful sunny day in Vancouver yesterday and nothing on my work calendar so I took an afternoon off for a flight. Yesterday was a reminder of the some of the stuff nobody tells you about flying. For example:

  1. De-icing your aircraft (at least a fellow club member had flown earlier so it was only frost and not ice)
  2. Towing your 1700 lbs aircraft from its parking position by hand while scrambling for traction on an ice-covered ramp (no salt allowed on the ramp)
  3. Waiting for the combination of de-icing fluid and solar powered de-icing to make your airplane airworthy
  4. After numerous attempts, discovering that all your efforts are for naught because you can’t get the $@#%^@^!! plane to start
  5. Pushing your aircraft back to its parking position and putting everything back to bed without the satisfaction of an actual flight

Disappointment was me.

I love the simplicity of my flying club’s 60’s and 70’s vintage aircraft, but what I wouldn’t have done for a modern car-like starting experience yesterday.